These two examples show a healthy spine (left) and a patient with several broken vertebral bodies in the lumbar spine (right). It is easy to see the value of this extended examination method.

We offer all diagnostic services necessary for a precise clarification of a possible osteoporosis.

  • Bone densitometry (spine, hip, radius, possibly whole body)
  • vertebral morphometry (exact documentation of the vertebral body heights)

We carry out this special additional examination as a standard, because it allows us a lateral view of the spine. This increases the quality of the findings considerably, because any fractured vertebral body or significant wear and tear reactions are included in the findings. Current x-rays are therefore not required for a good assessment and images rarely need to be requested.

  • trabecular bone score (TBS) – another measure that gives information on “bone quality” and helps in the prediction of future fracture risk.
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