Radioiodine therapy (with or without prior priming)

As an alternative to surgery, radioiodine therapy can be a very good treatment option for patients with enlarged thyroid glands (with or without accompanying hyperthyroidism) or those with hot (hyperfunctioning) nodules. We carry this out in cooperation with a nuclear medicine institute in Graz, whereby the indication, determination of the required radioiodine dose, as well as the diagnosis are carried out by us.

Often, older patients come to see us with a thyroid gland that is clearly enlarged and not infrequently present with additional hyperthyroidism. Often other health problems exist where surgery iwould be accompanied by certain risks.

Radioiodine therapy can be offered to many of these patients. Often, a one-time pretreatment with a thyroid medication over a few weeks is then necessary, which can significantly increase the effectiveness of radioiodine therapy. The one-time administration of a “radioiodine capsule,” which can be swallowed normally, has no significant side effects because the doses administered are small. The tablet must be taken on an empty stomach and the patient must then remain fasting for another hour. However, after swallowing the capsule, the patient can already leave the institute.

The aim of the treatment is to significantly reduce the size of the thyroid gland and/or eliminate hyperthyroidism if it was present previously.

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