Why should one consider non-surgical alternatives?

As one of only few institutions we offer a unique spectrum of methods devoted to diagnostic and therapeutic challenges of thyroid nodules and -cysts.

Our ultimate goal is to avoid thyroid surgery whenever possible and to offer other procedures to best diagnose and treat nodules and cysts. Thus in many instances thyroid surgery can be avoided.

Often thyroid surgery is recommended to patients because of a large thyroid cyst, or a “cold nodule”, which is suspicious for thyroid cancer, or symptoms caused by large nodules (difficulty swallowing, strange feeling in the neck).

Often the nodules or cysts are visible at first glance and bother the patient. The result of the surgery is most often a benign histological diagnosis of the nodule or the cyst. According to an American study published in a renowned scientific journal (Hauch et al., Annals of Surgical Oncology, 2014) transient or persisting complications following thyroid surgery are frequent (7 to 11% when removing one thyroid lobe and 14 to 24% with complete removal of the thyroid gland). It is also important whether the surgeon achieves a certain volume of thyroid surgeries througout a year.

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