If you are interested in RFA

This is how you should proceed in case you think of an radiofrequency or alcohol ablation: please send us your most important clinical reports (usually this includes relevant ultrasound images, thyroid scan, laboratory tests) preferably by email (or also mail or fax) and let me briefly know whether you have had a fine needle aspiration before. RFA can only be done in case the result of the fine needle aspiration (FNA) is benign. With these results we should be able to make a meaningful prognosis on whether you are a suitable candidate for RFA or ethanol ablation.

In case you come from far away and decide for a trip to Kumberg we can propose to you the near-by “Pension Seirer” in 8061 St.Radegund  (http://www.pensionseirer.at)  It is advisable if you stay here on the day of the RFA, but we have had patients returning home in the afternoon on the same day. RFAs are usually performed on Wednesdays (from 8 am to 2 pm). In case you need help with anything please let us know!

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