We strive to provide the following service:

  • competent and friendly service by our team
  • short waiting times (exceptions are unfortunately also possible with us)
  • a doctor’s letter is usually sent to the patient and the doctor after 7-10 days
  • in case of significant laboratory changes, the patient is contacted by telephone on the same day as the values are transmitted
  • online appointment allocation and appointment reminder via SMS

As an elective doctor (Wahlarzt), I do not have any contracts with health insurance companies, which means that you have to pay for the incurred costs yourself. You can submit the fee invoice afterwards and, depending on your health insurance, you will be reimbursed for a usually small portion. Private insurances often cover the remaining costs.

Our rates are as follows:

Visit between €190 and €250.- depending on the effort and the question and complexity of the doctor’s letter. Annual thyroid check-up (€160.-), blood sampling check-up (€70.-), fine needle biopsy of the thyroid gland (€90.-), osteoporosis visit incl. bone density measurement (€250.-; incl. thyroid gland €290.-), osteoporosis consultation (bone density measurement was performed outside; €200.-), ethanol ablation of cystic thyroid nodule (€250.-).

Payment can be made only in cash, by ATM card or VISA card.

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

An RFA is associated with costs of € 2300 to € 2900. The expensive disposable instruments play a large part in this. A higher amount covers additional time or technical expenses compared to a standard procedure. In approx. 85-90% of patients, a single treatment is sufficient in the long term. In the case of large nodules, a foreseeable second RFA would be discussed with the patient before the first treatment.

Since April 2022, the ÖGK and since January 2024 the SVS have been reimbursing an amount of approx. € 1500.- for existing indications. The BVAEB reimburses approx. € 200-400.00.

There is a „supplementary sheet to the fee note“ for your insurance, which you will receive from us before the intervention It is advisable to go to the insurance company with this supplementary sheet and the doctor’s notes before the RFA.

Supplementary insurances refund the remaining amount depending on the contract („outpatient operations“ included).

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